Finally a boutique that is for everyone whose style falls somewhere between a little bit boujee and a little bit bumpkin. We offer unique pieces that portray the perfect balance for the girl that loves to dress and look boujee, but will always be a bit bumpkin at heart.

Lil Bit About The Brand

Boujee Bumpkin Boutique was created by Addison Camp. Since as long as she can remember, she has had a true passion for expressing herself through fashion. Addison was also raised with a passion for the outdoors and has enjoyed hunting since she was a little girl. It was not untypical for Addison to be found in the hunting woods and then all dressed up just a few hours later. Addison began helping and marketing her family’s own outdoor apparel company and that helped spark the idea for her to start her own boutique. Addison lives the bumpkin lifestyle, with boujee taste. BBB is for women of all ages that are a lil bit boujee, lil bit bumpkin. 

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